Welcome to Govalle Elementary, Home of the Roadrunners! Here is your way to find all the information pertinent to the 2023/2024 academic school year. 

Yasmin Espinoza - Parent Support Specialist

Yasmin Espinoza - PSS

Diversity: Appreciate and value the differences in people and perspectives, which can lead to greater innovation, creativity and understanding.

Ms. Espinoza is Govalle's PSS, and she feels immense joy returning to her home at Govalle. With seven out of eight years of working with AISD spent here, Ms. Espinoza has a strong connection to the community. Outside of her work, she enjoys spending time with her three favorite people, exploring new places, and revisiting old favorites that bring her joy. 

Ms. Espinoza hopes that this year, all families and Roadies will make the most of every moment, cherishing precious time with loved ones. She has a vision for the Govalle community to grow closer and learn to look after one another. Ms. Espinoza dreams of creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment where diverse perspectives can lead to greater creativity and understanding. She believes that together, the Govalle community is GOVALLE strong. With continuous improvement and embracing diversity, they can ensure that they thrive as a community.